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 Prometheus vs Illusive Grater

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PostSubject: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Wed May 30, 2012 3:15 am

Prome was at his third battle arena the frozen wasteland. He was starting to feel just a little tired of these constant fights to increase level and get more power. It was such a tiring system, but he did anyway. He was still thinking about his last fight with Grace Forest, although he won he had a lot of respect for her.

The frozen wasteland sent chills down Prome’s back. He didn’t like cold weather, he preferred it to be hot. But nevertheless Prome looked around his surroundings, destroyed buildings frozen sidewalks and streets covered in ice. There was some broken down cars and trucks, lots of broken pieces of glass on the ground also covered in ice. Some ice spikes all over the ground, hanging off walls and bridges.

It was all so white around, the snow just changed everything.
As Prome was examining the area, he noticed something happening in the snow not too far away. A large pile of it, was gathering up into one big figure of pure snow.
“What the hell.” The words that escaped Prome’s lips as he looked on to see this figure make human sized snake made out of pure snow.
When the creation jetted towards Prome that’s when he knew his battle had started.

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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Wed May 30, 2012 3:19 am

The snow snake figure slammed into Prome’s arms, he used them to block the attack just a little. (-120 Prome) He tried to let out a cry in pain, but some snow got caught in his mouth and all he was making was weird gargling noises.

Prome landed on a broke down car, he shattered the glass but he paid no mind. He was spitting out snow from his mouth, and wiping his face off.

“Uuuhhh so cold.” He said barely before looking up to see his opponent.

He saw a black figure quite slim and slender; from afar he didn’t look dangerous at all. Illusive Grater was walking slowly, but as he got closer Prome was able to make a good image of him.

“So I’m guessing your Illusive Grater!!” Prome yelled over to him. Hoping to get an answer back but he didn’t. Instead he got three sharp ice shards heading at his direction and fast. He jumped down form the car to avoid the attack.

He instantly made the conclusion that this Grater guy could control ice and snow. Compared to the no abilities and weapons that Prome had, he was at a severe disadvantage.

Illusive Grater- 1000

Prome- 880

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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Wed May 30, 2012 4:00 am

Prometheus took the time to gather his thoughts and somehow pull off a win. There’s always a way to win, he thought that’s how it always was for Jacob. There is always a way to win. Prome was bent down, keeping his body low in case any other incoming attacks from this guy were on its way.

“Yes your hypothesis is correct, I am Illusive Grater.” He said now within a good eye view of Prome.

“Though I rather detest that name, it really doesn’t fit me.” He said getting low to look at Prome in the face.

“But neither does yours.” He said slowly mocking him.

Prome could tell that this was going to be his hardest fight yet. The guy had a lot of power meaning most of his stats had to go into intelligence, instead of speed or strength. Prome moved fast aiming to punch his face hard, but he was stopped by a long black wire coming from the car he landed on. Grater was smirking.

“You probably thought my abilities relied on controlling ice and what not. I prefer to go a different route, full blown telekinesis.”

As he said that, he flicked his wrist and the wire holding Prome sent him back a few feet quite fast. (-200 Prome) He crashed into a snow covered wall, which eased some of the damage he would have actually taken.

Prome- 680

Grater- 1000

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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Wed May 30, 2012 4:02 am

Prometheus was still unable to make any hits whats so ever and he was already about down half his health. Grater was just merely playing with him, tossing him around this frozen arena. Prome was starting to feel light headed, but he didn’t know what it was. He knew he had to hurry though, all thus fight was as good as over. He saw a long ice shard coming his way fast, but he didn’t look like he was about to dodge it.

Prome stood there and strong ready to accept defeat? No using both hands Prome caught the ice shard right before the tip reached his face. He held it in his right hand, and dashed towards Grater. The distance wasn’t that far, Grater had to get close enough to use his telekinesis against Prome. Prome broke the long shard in half, leaving a sharp end and blunt end. Running from the side Prome tossed the blunt end at Grater hard, Grater dodged easy. But Prome was close enough to throw the sharp end right at Grater. Leaving him with no choice but to use his power to stop it in mid air.
Prome dropped to the ground, right below Grater.

“Stop This!” he yelled connecting a right fist to his stomach (-180 Grater). Prometheus did not stop there though, he grabbed Grater’s left arm before he could go back and aimed another right fist for his face it stopped mid air though. Prome was still forcing it to go through it was, but slowly.

This was all part of the distraction Grater was focusing way to much on his fist and not on his feet. With a sweep Prome tripped Grater causing his focus to be lost, and Prome landed another right fist on his face (-180 Grater).

Prome was still holding his left arm, and grabbed it hard with a sharp twist and pull in the opposite direction. He caused Grater’s arm to crack, having him wince in pain but Prome used his right foot and kicked his shoulder hard causing the arm to completely crack off. (-300 Grater)

Prome- 680

Grater- 340

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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Thu May 31, 2012 1:47 am

Grater cursed to himself, holding what was left of his left arm. “I don’t need my arm to destroy you, Prometheus!!” he shouted as a circle of snow was rumbling underneath Prome’s feet there was a bit of hesitation in his voice. A face was starting to form from the snow.
“Dragon’s Roar!” he shouted as the snow started to rise. Prome didn’t move though he stayed still, seemingly confident in himself. The dragon like mouth that was taking form was closing in on Prome slowly, but he had this grin on his face as if he already won. Grater was focusing to much on keeping his technique going but he couldn’t.

The technique started to fall apart before the mouth could close in on Prome. He looked at Grater’s left arm, and sighed “Wheeww that was a close one, for a minute I thought I was wrong.” He said casually. Grater looked helpless and was starting to pick himself up from the ground. “How did you know? Looking up at Prome.
Prome took a deep breath

“From the beginning your left hand moved the most when you were using your ability. I noticed this, but didn’t really pay any mind to it. But I thought that’s why you liked keeping your distance, for two reasons. One you’re a strict long range fighter, and two you didn’t want anyone to notice the light coming from your left arm. You also got to eager when you came in close, you quickly went into using your left hand to finish me off. That’s when it hit me that your left arm was the base of your ability, that was its weakness.”

Prome dropped his left arm, and crushed it into pieces stomping on it. He then picked up the Sharp hard ice shard from the ground. Grater although powerless now, was still going to fight. He rushed in trying to jab Prome in the face. Prome countered by blocking, and stabbing him in the stomach with the ice shard. Grater quickly grasped onto Prome as it struck. (-300)

Grater was donw to just a bit of health. Prome took out the ice shard from his body, and paused before the finishing move. Grater was going to say something, but was stopped by another stab in the chest. Which depleted what was left of his health. (-40)

Prome- 680

Grater- 0

Winner Prometheus
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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:55 pm

Fight is approved


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PostSubject: Re: Prometheus vs Illusive Grater   

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Prometheus vs Illusive Grater
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