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 Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater

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PostSubject: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sat May 26, 2012 11:56 pm

The air of the land was sweet. The sky was blue and the grass was green. The area was ripe for a battle and the tension in the air only made the sweet moment heavy. Upon the grassland the fight was announced “Blue Lance VS. Illusive Grater”. The HP bar for each competitor stood in the air and both had the same amount of health. It was an even thousand and this made for a good battle. A sigh escaped the medium size mecha known by the name of “Blue”.

It has been so long since I logged in to battle here. However, the corruption of the Ao name is at stake. I have to win here and become King. The opportunities here are priceless, literally. I cannot escape the fate of my grandfather’s company.

My skill at fighting is the only thing to rely on here. It’s not like the world full of snakes known as business, but even still I kill those snakes with this.
Illusive Grater purple mecha stepped onto the other side of the landscape. “Purple eh?”, said the blue figure standing on the other side of the plain. So this means it is a combination of close direct combat and long range combat. Mid-Direct combat or perhaps just a mix?

At the immediate yell of “Start” the purple mecha began to race towards Lance. “Get your head in the game or else it will just be a easy kill for me.” Only a chuckle would escape Blue’s mouth at the ignorant comment stated.
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sat May 26, 2012 11:57 pm

The mecha’s body was slim and flexible. The back area seemed to hold two sets of something, but for the moment they weren’t identifiable. In his right head held twin blades with a combined hilt that fit perfectly into his hands. It was if they were claws attached to an animal waiting to be unleashed in the wild. If there was a wild this was it Brain burst. The opponent charged on until they revealed a weapon.
Shots were fired. (60- Blue)

The hits made contact onto the upper left side of Blue. The pain was minute and was nothing compared to the real world. A normal person would yelp at the pain, yet Blue stood still taking the hits with only a step back. “A Shot Gun, mid range… ok”. More shots were fired as the Purple Mecha took each chance to devour the enemies’ body with a barrage of shots from the twin barrel. (60- Blue)

“Oh come on your making it too easy kid”

The shooter came in closer as Blue made no effort to dodge the bullets coming at him. The opponent took this opportunity to come in closer to do more damage with the double barreled shotgun. (80- Blue)
The health bar suck to 800 health for Blue meanwhile Grater had all 1000 of his health points.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sat May 26, 2012 11:58 pm

“Okay the fight starts now, kay? So make it fun!”

Blue yelled these words to the complete surprise of his enemy who seemed caught off by the broken silence. Grater could only yell out a laugh with a question. “What?” The body of the samurai like Mecha came alive. The wings on the back were still folded and undetected, but the body began to get in motion as the weapon was put into stance. “I will take all your points Blue”. More gun shots erupted from the shotgun.

Blue hopped to the side. Lance’s feet began motion as the soles were more like sandals sliding along the grassy plains as the grass swayed. The motion was fast and immediate. Slice! Graters left leg slid off in a matter of moments. (200-Illusive) Blue was located behind Grater with a ducked motion. Using his speed and Graters shock he managed a sucker cut underneath Grater.

The damage was a lot because a limb was now missing on the enemy. Grater screamed out in pain as the loss of a leg made him lose a bit of his balance. He turned around and cursed at the tip of his tongue as bullets flew in the direction of Blue. The sky was bright and the clouds were moving in motion. (60- Blue Shield)

That immediate moment Grater smiled at the connection of his bullets he frowned in shock. For now his opponent Blue had sprouted wings. This wasn’t unseen in the world of Brain Burst. Only rumors of Silver Crow were left of the Mecha that could fly. “Si….Si…Silver Crow?” At that immediate moment the wings retracted itself back in the body of Blue.


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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sun May 27, 2012 12:00 am

“No, its Blue Lance”

Swinging his legs to face Grater head on. Blue would whisper “extend”. The twin blade rushed forth as if it were possessed by a demon. The weapon was held at Blue’s chest as it aimed to hit penetrate the chest of the opponent. (60- Grater) The force of the extended blade pushed Grater off of his balance on unto his mechanical buttox. Grater was still being pushed back however. The longer the blade had remained in the more points were being taken. (100-….100-Grater)

“What the hell?!”

Blue was still in his same position, yet he was tugging around the blade. In the insides of Graters chest two blades side by side were eating at his chest. The pain caused Grater to fire a shower of bullets at his opponent. The blade was quickly retracted out of the body as the bullets spread. The spray was like that of a knife of butter on bread. It was wide and strong.

“Bullet Grater!” Shouted his enemy. A last attempt to do damage?
Seeing the shower clearly the wings on Blue sprouted once again. Blue moved in a zig-zag as he rushed Grater. (100- Blue’s Shield) This was tactical and used to avoid direct damage while speeding up his movement. Blue closed in quickly unto the side of grater. (200- Grater)

The left arm that held the shotgun along with the right was gone. Lance used his blade added speed with the wings to inflict great damage on a major part of Grater. The shotgun began to sink to the ground as Grater’s left arm unblocked by the gun was open. Slice! (200- Grater)

40-Blue’s Shield.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sun May 27, 2012 12:01 am

“Ahh! Curse you blue! Curse you!”

Blue had neither words to express nor any emotion to show. The wind swayed the grass and the bright blue sky kept dashing its gray clouds. That was all that was visualized in his mind. As he began to retract his wings and do piercing damage to the body of the unarmed and one leg missing Mecha. First he started with his shoulders. Pierce! Pierce! (50-….50-…Grater)

The health bar got extremely low as Blue face to face with Grater now had the upper hand. The dual blade to the head was all that remained now. Blue hand his right arm raised as his blade was inches away from Grater’s head.

“What is this now? Mercy! Kill me Crow….?”

The Mecha’s head turned to the side a bit. “Crow? Listen I have a message for you Grater.”

“I don’t want to hear it so buzz of.”

A sigh escaped the lips of the Blue Mecha again. “I am the Blue King. Spread that around and follow me if you fear the Blue Sky.” At the end of the word the blade thrust forth and plunged into the head of Grater. (40- Grater)

“Blue Lance is the winner”.

0-Illusive Grater
800-Blue Lance

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   Sun May 27, 2012 12:08 am

Battle Confirmed and accepted
Topic Locked
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater   

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Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater
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