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 Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)

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PostSubject: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:33 pm

“Challenge by Illusive Grater…. Stage Dense Forest”
“Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater 2, Battle Commence”

This dude again, thought Blue in his head as he roamed the dense forest area. The trees were thick and the sky was hard to see due to the tall trees blocking the sunlight. The area was perfect for a sword user like Blue Lance. If used to your advantage this place could be used for a quick victory. The problem wasn’t the stage, but the opponent. Lance had already dealt with this dude. To get a repeat challenge meant that people were after him.
“Great, so I’m popular?” said Lance.

Footsteps were crackling in the grass a few trees away from Blue. The samurai mech body fit right in between the trees. The dense space made it almost impossible for Blue to sprout his wings fully. This was oblivious the reason why Grater choose this location. It was specifically meant to get the advantage on Lance.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:34 pm

Heavy gunshots were heard. As bullets rick shay off the trees and were sent in Blue’s direction. Hearing the sound of the bullet Blue quickly hid behind a tree. (70-Blue) The bullets were heavy enough to pass through the tree. The force and power was increased from the last battle. Blue was a little excited because now he was hindered. Without the use of his wings he would have to rely on his normal skills for battle.

Grabbing his dual sword in his right hand he would swing at the tree behind him. The tree slid out of place and fell in the direction of the gun shots. The tree was large and therefore fell at a high speed. Garter in the way would get hit by the tree and receive major damage. (250- Grater) “Cursed! Blue King... you will lose”. A grin escaped the real life body of Blue and this was because of the recognition given to Blue as a king.
Blue- 930
Grater- 750
“So now I’m known as Blue King ay?”

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:35 pm

A barrage of shots sprinkled the dense forest area. Blue was running from tree to tree trying to dodge the ammunition. (100- Blue ) The shots accumulated and stacked on each other as Blue kept receiving damage. Grater was moving at a faster pace and was surprisingly catching up to Blue. Blue needed to upgrade himself and quick. Clearly his average level skill wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Grater right behind Blue would yell “Got cha!”.

Blue immediately would turn around. Lifting his right leg for a roundhouse kick he struck Grater. (100-Grater) The hit knocked the gun out of Grater’s hand. The purple Mech now hand to use hand-to-hand combat or reach the gun in order to do damage. Blue seeing the advantage dropped his sword to make the fight fair. Grater in shock would try to get a jab in at Blue. Grater was not use to hand combat and this was obvious.
Grater- 650

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:35 pm

Blue would take his right hand and block the jab from Grater. His hand slid off the side of the arm to avoid the force and knock the hand away. Grater pushed back a bit was trying to gain his composure. However, before that he would be greeted with a onslaught of short jabs from Blue. (50- Grater) These blows were caught in the stomach of the purple mech. It didn’t stop there for just like Blue Rain he kept pouring punches into Grater. (100-Grater)

The Punches weren’t as effective as his sword and he realized that this would take too long to finish the job. For some reason he didn’t want to stop. The punches made it longer and more intense. For each punch given out he felt a thrill. He suddenly stopped and would use his right hand to grab the arm of Grater. Using this to keep Grater he position he would wind his other fist back. To give a power punch to the face to his foe. (70-Grater)

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:36 pm

At this point he really was a hopeless fight. Grater didn’t have a gun and he was at a heavy disadvantage at close range combat. Blue Lance was made for this type of battle. The Mech adjusted nicely to the close quarter space. The dense trees were still and the peace to the land wasn’t there anymore. A loud smack was heard as spectators in the tree area would study the motions of Blue Lance.

The chatter was too far to be heard, but they spoke. Words of the Blue Legion King and the potential of Lance were being spread forth. It dispersed in the air of rumors of a fierce Blue player. Fame was being built and it wouldn’t be too long for more players attempted to reach Blue. This had to occur for any positive progress to be made in the world of Brain burst.

Meanwhile the fight went on. Blue used both of his arms and the tree behind Grater to hold him down. He swung his tough Mech head back and then unleashed a head butt attack to his foe. (100- Grater)
Grater 330

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:37 pm

It takes a lot to boost up yourself and then lose again. The pain and embarrassment of the match was too much for Illusive Grater. It couldn’t happen again. Under the midst of the punches and the pain he couldn’t let this battle be his lost. It was his time to make a comeback and take control of the battle. This was building amongst the punches and damaged done to him. As the head butt was received Grater flew to the ground.

Blue jumped back and began to get his weapon. Grater saw this as his opportunity so he reached for his shotgun. He moved in a disgraceful manner therefore it was easy for blue to detect the motion. Lance could have interrupted the reunion of the shotgun and its master. However, Blue was feeling awfully merciful on this particular day. He wanted to give hope to Grater who was obviously hopeless.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:37 pm

“I got cha now Blue”

Shots were fired and bullets tore into the back wings of Blue. (100- Blue’s Wing) The damage was serious, but the fact that Blue’s wings sprouted was strange. What happened to the dense tree land that blocked his wings from expanding? Blue had scanned the area he was in and marked the sword that he picked up as the area in which his wings could spread without smacking into a tree.

The wing’s gave off power to Blue and now every stat with speed and power boosted up. The dual edge blade in the right hand of the Blue Mecha had moved. Swiftly it struck the surrounding trees to detach the trunks and make them fall to the ground. This time a tree fell in every direction. With so much tree and leaves flying about Grater couldn’t get a clear shot. It didn’t matter to Grater for he shot recklessly without a care of what he hit.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Sun May 27, 2012 5:38 pm

“Such a distasteful beast” remarked Blue.
The cleared area of trees made It easier for Blue to maneuver himself amongst the area. He took this chance to rush towards Grater. As he moved forward his blade moved at different angles slashing trees and making them collapse. The motion made tree noise at every direction. Blue moved so fast and so far in a short amount of time that he had past the area of Grater.

Grater was being blocked by the falling tree’s and leaves. He couldn’t make up from down, but he knew that Blue had not hit him. “Look’s like you missed mister samurai” The area was quiet for a short time as Blue would close his wings and turn back to Grater from the distance. “I never miss” At this immediate moment the trees surrounding Grater would fall each to the direction of Grater. The angles each tree was sliced at was precise and dedicated to making this moment. Not every tree fell on him, but about four was made for his direction. The tree’s enclosed on him giving no way to block or avoid.

The tree fell. (330- Grater)

“Blue Lance is the Victor.”

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Dark Sparrow
Dark Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   Mon May 28, 2012 12:41 pm

Ok, awarding you now ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)   

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Blue Lance VS Illusive Grater (Match 2)
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