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 Kotaro Kuya/Evangelios

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PostSubject: Kotaro Kuya/Evangelios   Sun May 06, 2012 12:24 am

Avatar Name: Evangelios


Affiliation: Personal Goals/Self

Group: Red

First Link: Kotaro stared at the software program on his desktop screen with a groan. This new software would allow him too surf the web far faster then most of the people in the world. But what good would it do since he had nothing and no one too speak too besides his sister and father? He never did anything on the internet really. Just browse video's he didn't really care for. He sighed and brushed a hand through his hair. There was a sudden knock on his door.

His father's voice sounded in and Kotaro shouted him entrance. His father walked in carrying a new software program in his hand. The cable looked as if it would be inserted through his Neuro-Linker. He took the cable and plugged it in, blinking as a game known as Brain Burst was installing. When he asked his father about the game he said to take a walk with him.

As they walked out of his room Kotaro felt strange, his vision blurring and body feeling limp. His father watched as he collapsed and soon Kotaro passed out.

When he awoke, he found himself in the courtyard of his fathers mansion, but it was far different. It looked like a battle field, and he saw two men fighting across the fountain that had used to be alive. He turned and faced the mansion, a ruin of what it had originally been.

Kotaro looked back at the two that were fighting and saw one get stabbed through the chest. There was a laugh and Kotaro looked beside him. A large man was there. He pointed too the fountain and Kotaro looked back, looking inside and seeing his reflection in a pool left in the dead fountain.

He had light silver long hair, and dark gold eyes that seemed to lightly glow. He wore A blood red Duster coat over a black long sleeve shirt and black gloves. His pants were the same blood red as his duster and had black band around his thigh. He stared at the reflection with awe as the large man placed a hand on his shoulder. "Son," he began. "Lets walk and talk."
Faceclaim: Dante (link:

Source: I was brought here by an affiliate set up by Aoi on RPGH :3
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Dark Sparrow
Dark Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: Kotaro Kuya/Evangelios   Sun May 06, 2012 12:28 am

Welcome to Brain Burst!


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Kotaro Kuya/Evangelios
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