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 Ideas/ Suggestion

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PostSubject: Ideas/ Suggestion   Mon May 28, 2012 6:36 pm

I have administrated 3 sites. =100-300 members or more.
Managed 10 sites. =200-5000 members or more.
GFX Artist
Novice Coder

Overall the highest site I’ve ever represented or been a part of had around 2,000 users and now it has 7,000. I’m not a part of the site anymore because I took a break for RPing. However, I know what I’m talking about when I give these suggestions. So here I go

I have RPed for awhile. I stopped for couple years and I’m happy to say this website brought me back to RPing due to my need to RP some AW stuff.
The Site to me is still in Beta mode. Meaning certain systems still have to be in place. (The Plot is not happening) This can be a good thing or bad thing. If the anime becomes big which it might…We will have more users. The problem is keeping the users. Users leave
-depending on members
- lack of a challenge
-lack of events
-Site Progression

The site to me has a good idea and it’s a start, but the difficulty has to be adjusted to the people you want to bring in. Do you want it to be a hardcore RP site, easy RP site, or somewhere in the middle. Usually everyone goes for somewhere in the middle. The problem is setting a site with that goal you have too know how to play. You don’t want a place full of crappy Rpers cause that will make the Pro’s leave. You don’t want a place full of Pro Rpers cause that will make the new people feel insignificant.

You want a system which makes it hard to reach the top. The more time people spend getting there , the more events they have, and the more structure within the site the better. This site has a nice Anime to build off of so that’s makes it good.

-Website is slow (It lags a lot for me. I’m not sure if I’m the only one)
-System needs a look at. (Rules/Concepts/Difficulty)
-The Site is in Beta mode. Meaning it isn’t fully ready to launch. Stating this can draw positive people who want to help build the site. Saying that it’s a ready website with a lack of structure turns off potential users.

-Admins/Moderators: You guys need a tag or something around your name to clarify who you are. I had to ask who the Admin was. Not good. Admin has all power, mod has quarter power, and usually when the Site gets bigger you can ad in other stuff. Say Assistants to help the traffic of Mod, GFX Mods, Battle Mods. Those are for the more seasoned sites so there not needed, but having a hierarchy to the power. Also give a option for applicants who want the position. Make it like a job app to truly figure out if the person is worthy of the role. Bad people in power can make your site look bad and send users away.

Usually on every site that I have been the name color told the mods and admin. You guys use it instead for legions. This can work and will work if you want it too. However it may or may not cause problems.

If you guys want to keep it this way.
- That’s fine I like individuality, but you have to find a way to identify the higher ups.

If you guys are just willing to here the idea without color.
- Give players the White Color option and them give them a opportunity to join the legions within game play. Make the colors all of the basic pure colors, and for those without a legion they just remain white. Also give different colors to mods/admins to make them different.
- In my opinion Kings should have colors, players should have the color stated In Profile. Everyone should be white except Kings and Admins/Mod.

Terrains: I’m not quite sure, but I think the picture of the settings is good/bad. I think bad if it is slowing the site down, but if it is you can place it within the board (and have a detailed explanation of the place in the definitions part of the board.

Welcomes/Goodbyes: This should definitely be a board in the off-topic section. This makes the site welcome new people. Give them a template to work with and make people introduce themselves or say goodbye. People like it when there welcome and members respond to their welcome. People like when they can say… “Hey I’m going away be back in a month”. You as Admin/Mod can also learn from people who say they are leaving and hate the site. This helps you manage the place better and learn of anything that is going wrong.

Affiliation: Affiliate with any and everybody. Google or search for large sites or RPing forums. Go for the dead ones and the live ones. Most important make sure that you are stating that it is for everyone. You want a site that is based off of good Rping. So how can you do this? Set a site that can build users to be better at RP and people to just have fun RPing with capable and cool people.

War: Its bad thing and a good thing. Whenever waging war make sure it is systematic and controlled. Legions for example need a list of allies/peace/enemies. You battle through RP not the chatbox or messaging. So make sure you can control the war. Never make anyone have the ability to control the world you are having placed. Wars should be event related and timed. Legions battles should be approved. That way it won’t get chaotic.

Anyway this is just my two cents. If you don’t like critics please don’t take offense to these . I am no dictator and I’m not saying to apply these things I’m just saying to think them over and offer your opinions. To cultivate a great place to RP we need to make it a place where people can grow. Suggestions help growth.
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas/ Suggestion   Mon May 28, 2012 8:03 pm

Thank you for pointing out our site's weakness and what not. I like your suggestions very much and will try to incorporate them into what we have. As you have said this site is still in it's beta form. We have yet to finish what need to be done here and work out the 'bugs' on the site. Your two cent is gladly taken and hopefully will help bring this site out of it's beta form.
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Dark Sparrow
Dark Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: Ideas/ Suggestion   Mon May 28, 2012 9:06 pm

As Shikyo said, its much appreciated and this is my 1st time doing this so the two cents help us a lot. Like I have said before to you, I like the criticism cuz I write a lot and writers like their readers opinions (i think. Or maybe its just me.). Now once I am on my computer again, if it already isnt up, I will apply some of there things and there is the possibility the pop-up chatbox we have cud have an effect on the lag because its the same on another site I go on with the same type of thing.

Knowing Shikyo and Kaishi irl helps us formulate our plans a lot more especially since we go to the same skool. Now concerning some other things, I turned off the color for admins because I liked the color transition but I do agree that we shud be able to be noticeable to the members, and for that, I will, if not done already, ill turn them back on. I may also ask for a friends help from another place to help out if he gets the time, but im just not sure if he will right now. Thats something ill have to deal with myself.

Now with the beta mode and plot, I wud kinda say it is, cuz I would like the members to be filling the legions that way when he plot begins, people have every side of the plate and they choose their alliances and enemies. That way we dont have one guy filling in a legion thats empty and being thrown into an alliance with someone they may not like. And I have addressed the beta things before with things that will be changed or added. I will go into more detail at a later time when I have a better chance to explore our errors and other bugs. So I thank you once again for the advice and I know it will be taken into consideration a lot lol


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PostSubject: Re: Ideas/ Suggestion   Tue May 29, 2012 8:59 am

Toki seems very talented in this forum RP o.o
Grats on Getting Mod! xD
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas/ Suggestion   Tue May 29, 2012 10:06 am

Talented and very helpful.
Once again thank you for finding this site's weakness and helping to imporve it.
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas/ Suggestion   

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Ideas/ Suggestion
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