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 Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy

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PostSubject: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 1:59 am

"Blue Lance V.S Sunny Boy

Lava Pit.
Battle Commence”

The area rumbled with an intense shake. The scene was the lava pit. A huge crater that was full with rock, dirt, and the occasional lava pool. The area was like two football fields surrounded with large slopes that would fit to be the stands. Amongst the stands stood Blue Lance in his Mecha figure quiet and observing. In the middle of the Pit there as another figure the enemy who was known as Sunny Boy.

“So you’re the Blue dude calling himself king?”

“No, I am a King and you are a jester I presume?”

The belly of Sunny boy began to chuckle in laughter. “Sure….” Sunny quickly grabbed his mirror and reflected it at Blue.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:00 am

The yellow color was the attribute that correlated with indirect attacks. Blue had to be cautious of this and not knowing the factors that Sunny had he would have to avoid unnecessary damage. He had no choice. The wings enveloped the light from the mirror and protected Blue from the damage. Using this as his chance to move Lance took off. He jumped from the high pillar and jetted towards the enemy.

The wings were opened wide as Lance stuck out his blade forward. The mighty blade extended and lashed forth at the enemy like that of a snake. This was truly going to be a little too easy. (150-Sunny)

The blade struck in the lower chest of the yellow mecha. Pushing Sunny off his balance and into the warm pits crust. The blade extended forth more as Blue raised it high in the air to get another mid shot hit in. When suddenly a sizzle began to erupt at the tips of Blue’s wing looking at the area in surprise Blue saw that the wing was suffering damage. (180-Blue ‘s Wing)

Sunny :1150

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:01 am

“The effect is finally happening eh? That wing must be pretty tough cause anything that gets this light usually melts right off. Um… Maybe it needs more shine.”

Sunny attempted to take the mirror out one more time to shine at Blue. The blade strike that came at him above head was quick and swift. (150- Sunny) “Ow…Ow.Owww”, Sunny Boy getting irritated at the damage being inflicted began to shine. The shine looked like that of a volcanic eruption as the ground began to shake underneath Blue.

Quickly he used the remainder of the wings to jet out of the area. A lava eruption immediately came after the movement. (140-Blue) Lava fragments hit the body of blue and the results of this were the loss of the wings. Blue was in a tight pinch now. No wings meant that he would have to fight on the ground for the remainder. “No more wings huh fly boy…. Ha.. ha”
860- Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:02 am

Blue ran quickly through the depths of the pit. He wanted to get closer to Sunny, but at each move the light from the mirror would shine. Careful not to get hit by the mirror Blue jumped from left to right. He had to occasionally dodge pits in order to not get hit by the deadly light. Was this the power of a indirect user such as the yellow. They were surely a fierce group.

All he needed was to get close enough to show the depths of the Blue Legion. “You will never get me!” Screamed Sunny as he ran trying to avoid the blue terror known as Lance. Blue would have to change up the strategy to continue advancing. Taking his double blades he pointed it to the ground. As it extended to the earth’s crust Lance began to rise up into the air. Using the leverage of his 25 meter blade he jumped up high. Retracting the blade at the point of being air bone he began to spin with the blade.

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:02 am

“Stupid! You Can’t dodge in the air”
Using his mirror once more Sunny shined it at the spinning figure in the air. Blue was spinning at a high rate using his air bone jump as leverage to be free in the red sky. The blade at the edge of his body began to illuminate in the air as the light given off by Sunny reflected off of it back at the ground Sunny was standing on.

“Wait just you wait when the melting happens you will be done for”
Sunny was so consumed on hitting Blue that he didn’t realize what was happening below him. Air time was up and Blue began to sink from his attempt at flying. Now he was only flying towards the ground and with no wings to balance his drop he would most likely take damage. He hit the ground with a thump. (100-Blue)
740 Blue
1000 Sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:03 am

How long would it take for his plan to work? Thought Blue who was on the ground disoriented by the force of his drop. Sunny laughed at his foe for doing such a stupid and useless move. Taking his prided mirror he began to shine it at Blue. Blue who’s sword was the only thing balancing him wasn’t in the position to avoid. The light shined upon his armor and it began to melt (70- Blue)

Lance had to move soon or the continuous damage from Sunny would kill off his health points. He should of used his points to add more defense, but it was too late to do this now. The pit was filled with rocks and rumble but none was big enough to block himself from Sunny mirror. This hot and humid place was perfect for a Yellow Legion Long Ranger like Sunny Boy. It however, was the enemy of the close quarter Blue Lance.
630- Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:04 am

The hot air made Blue’s head fume up with thoughts. If he couldn’t win this basic fight how would he able to take over as CEO of Ao Corp. (100- Blue) The sun damage kept hitting him and the mirror was a powerful tool for Sunny. He had concentrated the light for the leg of Blue Lance. Now Lance was missing a leg that was melted off. He was immobile and his speed was cut down.

It would take a miracle for Blue to win now, but he didn’t give up despite the situation. Holding his dual sword up with the best balance possible he shot out his sword towards Sunny. Sunny laughed, because this seemed to be futile. The turnout of the match seemed to be in Sunny’s favor. Sunny could easily dodge, but what happened next is what made Sunny laugh harder than ever. The blade hit the ground right before Sunny. (100-Blue)

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:05 am

“You idiot you can’t even stand up.”

The balance of Blue was off due to his leg issue therefore he couldn’t keep the blade up and it plunged into the earth digging deeper within and melting the blade tips. Sunny was about fed up with the long drawn out battle and took out his mirror to head for the finishing blow. When suddenly something odd happened. It was very peculiar how the earth began to crack and make a strange noise. Sunny placed his eyes to the ground below him.

Around the Yellow Mecha there were groups of holds that had been melted. The crack that Blue made just now was it and the ground gave weight to the volcanic pressure underneath. If Sunny was paying attention to the surroundings instead of laughing so much he would have known that Blue’s spinning earlier reflected the light of the mirror unto the ground below. This weakened the ground and the blade sinking into the lava’s depth cause a eruption to occur. The ground didn’t sink, but collapsed and lava flowed out of it taking Sunny into it. (300-Sunny)

“Help I can’t get out. The hole is too wide and it keeps getting wider.” (300-Sunny)

The mirror cracked at the heat of the lava and by now Sunny whole body was in the Lava. (200- Sunny) Making his way to the side of the pit where the earth was thicker and more stable Blue extended his sword. Retracting it to tug along his immobile body to a safer and more secure location. (200-Sunny)
“Blue Lance is the victor”.
“Sunny Boy is the Loser.”

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   Sun May 27, 2012 2:07 am

You sir, have an amazing skill in role-playing..
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy   

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Blue Lance VS. Sunny Boy
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