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 Toki Aoi

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PostSubject: Toki Aoi   Sat May 26, 2012 8:19 pm

  • Name: Toki Ao

  • Age: 16

  • Visual Age: 19

  • Appearance:

  • Occupation: COO, Ao Corp.

  • Neuro-Linker: Blue/ Navy Blue

  • History:

    Born in Toyko, Japan his name was given because of the popularity of the city known as Toyko. Toki grew up learning mixed-martial arts and the way of the sword (Kendo). The family name Ao (blue) was well-renowned for being martial arts masters. They developed Ao Corp which is a corporation that develops dojos all around the world to teach various forms of martial arts. The company nurtures talent, raises money, and sell services to other orginizations. The company also hosts championships among different places in the world. The company is multi-billion dollar company primarily because Ao Corp uses its elite forces to lend aid to military operations of various nations.

    As a young boy Toki spent most of his time learning how to fight. His father was fluent in many styles of martial arts. His mother was more inclined to business so she managed most of Ao Corp international concerns. Growing up in a family with busy people Toki found himself around strangers for the most of his life. Due to his father and mother being busy he was always being relocated to different parts of the world.

    Toki was very talented with swords and thus stuck primarily with his latent gift. As he grew older he began to me more self focused and was looking for the perfect balance to life. Despite his luxurious lifestyle Toki developed a sadistic attitude towards battle. Being the son of a great martial artist master he was given a lot of pressure to be great. To cope with the stresses of his lifestyle that went against his nature he developed a love for fighting.

    In a family that is dedicated to fighting and business he found himself surrounded with physical work as well as mental work. Toki was homeschooled, and thus was very smart and educated. He graduated High School at the age of 12 and because of his high scores on the SAT went to Harvard. He graduated at the age of 15. Noticing his gifts Toki grandfather who is the 2nd CEO of Ao Corp adopted Toki to be the new COO of Ao Corp.

    In this position Toki would be groomed to take over the position of his grandfather when he died. Due to this Toki was never allowed to be a part of the elite squad who went on dangerous mission for Ao Corp. Although Toki had a tranquil spirit something about fighting excited him to no end. Deep in his heart he wanted to do more than fight for dojo and championships. He wanted to kill for his country and put his skills to the real test.

    Toki found Brain Burst when he was 13 years old. It was game shown to him by one of the prodigies among the elite division. The prodigy just so happened to be very young and he gave Toki insight to why he ranked up so fast among the other competitors for the company. Toki was already strong and intelligent so he found no need to use brain burst.

    This was until a conflict began to dwell within the Ao Corp organization. Three years later Toki found himself in need of the game in order to manage the organization more effectively. Toki Grandpa was getting old and more senile. The board realizing this tried to take advantage of the old man in order to rob him of his fortunes. Toki realizing this knew he had to gain full control of Ao Corp before it was too late.

    The problem is that there is a lot of enemies and barely anyone who can be trusted among the Ao board. Using Brain-Burst he hopes to make army of followers to overthrow the corrupt members of the organization. He also depends on brain-burst to give him a competitive advantage in business. He is the self-proclaimed “Blue King” of Brain Burst. In the real world he is a clandestine mogul.

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PostSubject: Re: Toki Aoi   Sat May 26, 2012 8:39 pm

That is certainly an interesting character.. The history is pretty well done... o.o
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Dark Sparrow
Dark Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: Toki Aoi   Sat May 26, 2012 9:01 pm

The absolute best I've seen. I approve


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PostSubject: Re: Toki Aoi   

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Toki Aoi
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