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 Rules Suggestion

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PostSubject: Rules Suggestion   Wed May 23, 2012 2:28 am

Here are some rules that I think should be added into the game.

1. You may not dual battle (Battle more than 1 person/npc) at a time..
2. You may challenge another NPC or Player while you're battling but you're not allowed to start the battle yet.
3. If you purchase stats while you're doing a battle then only the first stat that you had on the beginning of the battle is counted.
4. You may join another person's match by posting a post saying that you're spectating that person and you may interfere with the battle but you will lose 90% of your Burst Points.
5. Posts from other people during a battle between an NPC will never be counted.
6. You may not attack on the first turn but may use an ability.
7. You may not use an ability while attacking at the same turn.
8. You may not attack more than once in a post.
9. You're not allowed to edit an NPC/Ability that you've posted once it gets approved.
10. When spoiling something that is not yet released on the anime or will not be released on the anime use Spoiler Notes.
11. The first person who challenges you to a match or challenges someone to a match will pick the map and start the first round meaning he can't attack first.
12. You may not edit a wager from a battle once you've posted it.
13. If your burst points reach 0, You're character is lost and you must restart your journey. (Kind of Cruel right? xD)
14. Connecting to the Global Chatbox is the same as connecting to the Global Net. Once you're connected you CANNOT deny a challenge from other people who are also connected.
15. Rule 14 can be avoided through sending each others private messages or temporary peace treaty or ceasefire.
16. You may not challenge more than 1 NPC / 1 Player at a time.
17. You may not create another account and use it as a training dummy.
18. If you are caught breaking rule 17 you will be banned.
19. Level 9 Burst Linkers lose their burst link if they are defeated.
20. Accept the fact that some of these rules are cruel and some are based on the real game while some are based on common logic and some are added for realism.

:XD: -Shiro
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Rules Suggestion
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